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Radio isn’t a choice: it’s a lifestyle. It’s the portable battery that boosts your mood through a rainy day, intense workout, or a traffic jam. It’s the companion that helps dictate your energy no matter where you are.

So, taking time to choose a quality radio app can literally change your life. Recently a lot of our new members had been exploring different radio apps and have fallen in love with MOORRADIO. Our new members told us they chose MOORRADIO for the following reasons:

1) MoorRadio is basically YouTube for your ears—but much more better. On MoorRadio you can search for specific Afro Based radio stations or browse your them by countries. You can listen to cutting edge African radio stations like “Continental Radio Station” or  you can kick back to old school African, Caribbeans, African American tunes on different stations.

Your options with MoorRadio are endless. So, whether you are driving to work, listening to sports while cooking, or trying to up your knowledge before heading to bed, MoorRadio makes it easy—just like YouTube.

2) Going hand in hand with the diversity of auditory options on MoorRadio is the huge depth of content. To sum it up in a number, MoorRadio offers over 10, 000 radio stations—running the gamut from Afro based news radio stations to music stations.

3) One unique aspect of MoorRadio that we particularly love is how diverse its global library is. MoorRadio content covers 60 countries and their Afro based  stations, in different languages (English, French, Spanish, etc). What this means is that if you are bilingual, multilingual, or simply want to learn another language, you can use MoorRadio to improve your skills.

4) Using MoorRadio, a lot of our new members fell back in love with radio.

Radio may seem “old school”, but in reality, it’s held its own as a modern and impactful technology for decades. From the underground radio stations that helped  people to speak more freely on radio shows during  Slavery, African Colonization, radio has always been an agent of change.

In the same vein, one of our members favorite aspects of MoorRadio is the community and how they can easily find stations they are interested in. MoorRadio provides a platform for people to share their ideas, and with an audience of several million listeners, MoorRadio allows those messages to reach a big audience.

Get On MoorRadio Now !!

Conveniently at your finger tips, being connected with new Afro music, global news, talks, sports, and radio couldn’t be easier, so if you haven’t done so already, give MOORRADIO a shot.


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